Pre-Orders FAQ and Info

When will a pre-order go live?

Before pre-orders are due to go live, i will announce on social media and here on a blog post the date and time i plan to release them so you have time to prepare for the drop!

The next pre-order is for TBA

Going live on TBA.


Is there a limit to how many of a pre-order item i can purchase?

There is no limit as to how many plush you can order however i ask you to be considerate of others so everyone has a chance to order. Please note that shipping cost will double once you exceed 3 plush so this may also play a factor in how many you wish to order.


I want to buy a plush and some other items from your store...

I ask that you check out your items as two separate orders if you want the other items sent faster as the products wont be sent out until the pre-order items have arrived. If you do check them out separately i will send the other items via standard non tracked mail for free unless you have otherwise requested. 

Can i cancel my pre-order?

If you decide you no longer want the item before shipping please email me at so i can arrange a full refund to be sent to you. Cancelled pre-order items will go up for sale to the public once pre-orders have been fufilled.



When will my plush be shipped?

From date of beginning of production it is expected to be at least 3 months (but possibly longer) before the plush arrive to me and are ready to ship. Production will not start until we have secured enough pre-orders to cover the costs and it may take longer due to unexpected production or shipping delays however i will keep all customers updated with the progress every step of the way. 

How long will it take to receive the plush?

Once the plush have arrived to me and i have checked the quality of each plush i will be able to begin packing orders and getting them shipped out to you. Plush will be sent securely in a mailing bag or box and may take 1-3 business days (United Kingdom) and 2-4 weeks (International). Please allow for longer in case of delays. 

Why is shipping so expensive for me? 

If you have purchased from me in the past you would have noticed i offer cheap shipping on all my other products and might be wondering why you are not able to get this shipping on these plush. Since the costs and value of the plush are much higher i cannot afford to send them without secure service that allows me and you to track them to their destination. This is to prevent any loss of packages and to hopefully speed up delivery as well! Sadly if you are not located in the UK this service is a lot more expensive and will cost up to £20 :(

Help! My shipping address is wrong!

If you notice your address is wrong contact me asap at so i can update it. I will email all customers before shipping to double check there have been no address changes.

Issues with After Sale/Delivery

It is very important that you keep an eye on the tracking of your package as it will be mostly out of my hand once i hand it to the post office. I may not be able to retrieve any lost packages and have had some issues with packages being destroyed from customers failing to receive them from their local depot if undelivered.

Replacements and Refunds

I will always do my best to help you with your order as much as i can but unfortunately i do not keep spare plush and so i wont be able to send replacements. 

In the event of a refund i can only refund the item cost but not the delivery fee. (I can only claim a refund from my post office for the value of my items). 

The Plush

Does the plush come with extra clothing?

The plush comes with one item of clothing, the base outfit which can be removed, however i will be selling custom outfits that you will be able to purchase in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Why does my plush look slightly different than the product images?

The product images are just the sample plush so the final products may have a few alterations however these will be minimal. Due to screen and lighting in the photographs the colouring may differ slightly too.

Remember, whilst every plush will be made from the same pattern its impossible to get them to be exactly alike but i will be checking every plush before shipping to make sure they are the finest quality for you ^-^

What size is the plush?

Each plush measures 25cm tall!


I tried to pre-order but i missed out!

Sorry this happened! There is no way to tell how popular an item will be so it may sell out a lot faster than expected. If you missed out this time dont worry, i will be doing more pre-orders in the future. Follow me on social media to stay updated about new pre-orders etc! 

Will they be for sale after pre-orders?

Unfortunately if we sell out during pre-orders there will be none left to sell in the future however i plan on ordering a few batches of plush if they are popular so there should be plenty to go around

Will you sell any other designs?

I plan to make more if these are popular so make sure to follow me on social media, @pingkipenguin to stay updated and request possible future ideas!